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From: jamal haughton
Subject: He came to me that night 15When i looked up it was Kasey."oh my god Kasey how are you!!i" i said. "i'm good you""yeah not so good""oh yeah i saw the whole thing, I guess i had you waiting to long, sorry
about that.""Kasey things have been so hectic.""Yeah i spoke to Shane""how is he""Shane is a wreck. A complete wreck. He has lose body mass. He dose nothing
but sit at home and drink.""oh god i gotta do something""well now he is with his sister he is going to be home later.""oh, you know what time""like 11, so i was going to see a movie in the circle called quincenera
care to join me""uh... Yeah why not"Kasey and i caught up on things. Where he went to. What he learned while
he's away did he get himself together the all around refresh of him. Then
we thought that Paul may have wanted to come along also. We stoped pass the
house and Saw both Paul and Shane there. Shane saw me . He walked towards
me. I didn't know if i should go into defense or offense. But he was crying
and he huged me."Jay i'm so sorry. It's....""shhh. Don't worry. It's ok i'm sorry ok. ""hey Kasey you mind if the go""sure they can come we all need a little get away."So we headed of to the circle and went to the krispy creams. And sat out
side just four bestfriends talking. As i was looking Lolita Pussy in the bag for some
napkins. I herd Kasey say "aww shit""what is it " I siad"um nothing Jay you know the one out by the valley is playing the same
movie lets just go over there" said Paul"or we can go to the club if you want" said Shane"uh last time we went to the club hell broke lose" said Kasey"well we already got the tickets" i said"Well Jay we just need to leave from here." said Shane.As i finally notice that they were standing infront of me. I knew they had
to be blocking me from something i wasn't suppose to see. I got up they
pushed me back down. I managed to break through them. I saw what they were
protecting me from. Kevin was at the theatre. But he wasn't alone. He was
there with Justin. After they bought thier tickets. Kevin Lolita Pussy
reached in and
kiss Justin. I had a quick pain in my chest and i fell down. Kasey was
holding my face telling me to hold on. Paul reached for my heart meds and
gave me a few. Lolita Pussy Kasey then walked over to Kevin."hi how are you" said Kasey"i'm good" said Kevin . " I just though you were attractive" said Kasey"thank you but he has a boyfriend" said Justin"is his boyfriends name Jay" said Kasey"wha... Jay's your boyfriend" said Lolita Pussy Justin."Man what do you want" said Kevin"you see that crowd of people over there""yeah so wha about it." said Kevin"jay is on the ground over there because he saw you kiss ms. Thang over
here. Is heart gave out.""what oh m...""don't you fucking dare go over there to him if you do i will kill you. You
stay away from him and nobody gets hurt.""but you gotta let m see him.""i don't have to shit. But stay white praise god and die. You hear me. Stay
away from him."Kasey came back over there Kevin was behind him."Jay oh my god i'm so sorry. I... I don...don't oh god.""I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY."Kasey turns around and uppercuts him. Justin steps away and tends to
Kevin. After the meds kick in i stand up. Kevin is already up by that
time. His lip is bleeding a little from when Kasey hit him"Jay can i talk to you" said KevinI walk over to him"What""Jay i'm so sorry""yeah you know me to.""Jay you gotta come back to me.""the lies you tell. All i gotta do is stay mixed praise god and die. Your
done Kevin""Jay. You love me. And i love you"I just slapped him. I don't know Lolita Pussy
why but i did. Then got in my car and the
four of us drove off while justin walked away with Kevin."is that true Jay do you love him" said Kasey."no i've known him for a while but not enough to love him.""have youever slept with him.""nope and never will"We finally got to my house. Shane and Paul were already there."well who is ready for drinks" i said"Jay this isn't how you solve your problems," said Kasey"I don't have any problems" i said"the first stage denial" said Shane"you know what fuck you Shane" i said"haha you wish" said Shane."the lies you tell""what ever" said Paul"Paul whats going on" i said"i told you so" said Paul"yeah yeah so what" i said"un hun you'll listen next time." said Paul"yeah, i'll try""well ladies i've gotta go someones waiting" said Kasey"alright see you later." i saidAfter he walked out the door Paul and Shane looked at me as if i was crazy."what the hell are you guys looking at me like tha for. Yall fools already
kidnapped me. Don't tell me you are about to rape me.""well as much as we would love to have sex with you Jay. The bigger
question is did you know Kasey had another man" said Shane"nope" i said"do you even care" said Paul"why should i when Kasey left he said that his place wasn't with me. So i
understood that i needed to move on and if we were to get back together it
would be ok.""man that is some kookie shit yall got going on. Jay you go out with some
fucked up guys" said Shane." hey dummy you do realize that he was with both of us right" said Paul"yeah i know and we are pretty fucked up guys." said Shane"ok well while you guys get ready for bed. Gotta hit the shower."As i went to the shower i reaized. I really didn't care that Kasey was
seeing another man or that Kevin had fucked up. I was learning that i need
to choose more carefuly on who i date. After i got out of the shower i herd
moaning. I went down stairs."oh shit Shane fuck me harder""yeah i knew you were going to want this fucking monster again.""oh my ahhhhhh""yeah take it""yeah cum inside me""oh yeah you want me to cum in you here it comes ahhhhh yeaaahhh."Shane looks up and sees me"you know Jay you could have joined in" said Shane."uh eww. I know one muthafucking thang. Yall hoodlums better get my sofa
cleaned i don't want to be watching "as the world turns" and get up with
yall man juices on my back.""ok we got ya, hey if we do decide to go for round two well let you know."
said Paul"uh yeah that would be great" i said sarcastically."i'm going to bed, good night." i saidI layed in the bed. Then at 4 in the morning i got a phone call it was
Justin."Jay.." said Justin"yeah""we need to talk, you may want to know this it's about Kevin.""why would i want know about Kevin he's out of my life.""nope Jay he is going to be apart of you life for a very long time""Justin what are you talking about""Kevin is a theift. He gets men when he plays like he is coming out to his
parents. Then he will find a really rich guy get their account numbers and
drain them.""wha... What the fuck are you talking about""either you come and stop him. Or those millions you had won't be there buy
monday""thanks,"I went down stairs and Shane and Paul was sleeping. I woke them up"get the fuck up fagbags we got a job""boy it is like 4:15 what are you talking about." said Shane"well when Kevin drains my bank account. I'll be homeless and so will
Paul. So Lolita Pussy
i guess we can come and live with you hun Shane""the lies you tell, i love you homos but your going to be in your own
house." said Shane"well lets go."When we got to his house the door was open. Something Lolita Pussy wasn't right.
Thats all for now. Thanks guy loving the feed back i must be doing
something right i'm just typeing as i go so let me know. What yall
think. Luvs and hugs
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